Schuller 1” 304 Stainless Steel Manifolds

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Schuller 1” 304 Stainless Steel Manifolds

Schuller 1” 304 Stainless Steel Manifolds

Max Flow Rate: 14 gpm Trunk, 1.15 gpm Circuit
Maximum Temperature: 194F at 43.8 psi
Maximum Pressure: 145 psi at 68F

Included are:

1 x air vent and drain
1 x 1” end cap
2 x 1” isolation ball valves
½” or ¾”compression adapters
Taconova flow meters
Schuller thermal actuator compatible circuit valves

Type1" Manifold
MaterialSEA 304 Stainless Steel
Warranty10 Years
Circuit Size2 to 12 Loops
PEX Size½ " or ¾ "
Supply ThreadDN 25, 1"
Loop Thread20 mm
ApplicationRadiant Heating
Fitting SystemPEX Compression
Test Pressure145 psi
Flow Capacity CV1.1 (Loop)
Max. Operating Temp.194°F at 44 psi
Max. Operating Pressure44 psi at 194°F 87 psi at 158°F 145 psi at 68°F
Schuller 1” 304 Stainless Steel Manifolds
Model NumberCircuit SizeABCDEF
MAN-100-22 Loops1"7.885.31"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-33 Loops1"7.887.68"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-44 Loops1"7.8810.10"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-55 Loops1"7.8812.401.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-66 Loops1"7.8814.76"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-77 Loops1"7.8817.13"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-88 Loops1"7.8819.50"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-99 Loops1"7.8821.85"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-1010 Loops1"7.8824.20"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-1111 Loops1"7.8826.60"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
MAN-100-1212 Loops1"7.8828.95"1.89"3/4"×18"2.36"
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